Notice of Joint Powers Board Meeting Minutes

Lake Vermillion Trail Joint Powers Board

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Via Zoom or teleconference

Joint Powers Board (JPB) members present:

Tim Johnson, Cook, Chair, via Zoom

Cathi Hiveley, Beatty, Secretary, via Zoom

Steve Lotz, Vermilion Lake, Treasurer, via Zoom

Carol Booth, Owens via Zoom

Nancy Salminen, Tower via Zoom

Absent: Bois Forte, Greenwood, & Kugler

Guest: Lee Peterson

Chair Tim Johnson called the meeting to order at 5:09 pm.  The agenda was accepted.

Regular meeting business

Approval of minutes – Motion by Cathi Hiveley, Beatty, second by Carol Booth, Owens to approve the September 14, 2022 meeting minutes as previously distributed with the correction in the next to last paragraph on page one to read that access would be in the vicinity of Pehrson Lodge along CR 24, five ayes, no nays, three absent, motion carried.

Reports of Officers & Committees: 

Treasurer’s report – Steve Lotz reported a balance as of October 31, 2022 of $2,599.49.  Motion by Nancy Salminen, Tower, second by Carol Booth, Owens, to approve the Treasurer’s report, no discussion, five ayes, no nays, three absent, motion carried. 

Bills – no bills at present, however a renewal for the liability insurance is expected in January.  Premium for 2-2022/2-2023 was $1,251.00.  With no changes in policy, motion by Carol Booth, Owens, second by Cathi Hiveley, Beatty, to approve payment, it was noted that there was a $50 dividend last year, no further discussion, five ayes, no nays, three absent, motion carried.

New business

East segment –Steve Lotz reported  that he had spent portions of two day in the woods just before deer season and had flagged two possibilities that should have workable connection to the as yet not finalized Mesabi alignment. 

West segment – Carol Booth and Ron Bushbaum flagged a preliminary route from CR 24 up Wakemup Hill, which generally avoided wetlands in the area and Carol will continue landowner contacts.

Carol also had additional information on a possible bike route designation for portions of CR’s 115 and/or 24.  She spoke with Vic Lund of SLC and an initial requirement would be a completed plan, likely involving ARDC.  Consensus was this is not a path consistent with the Trail’s Master Plan.    Lee Peterson noted that the City of Rice Lake was meeting regarding a CR 4 reconstruction and expanded shoulders were being considered and that this may be a solution in Greenwood. 

Cathi Hiveley, Beatty, left the meeting at 5:31 pm and a quorum was no longer present to conduct business. 

A brief overview of various loose ends followed. 

Peder Larson’s letter outlining his Pro Bono offer has been acknowledged.    

The search for a grant writer continues. 

There was discussion of possible considerations and approaches of a relationship with the Mesabi Trail. 

Meeting minutes are once again being posted on the website. 

Friends updates

The Friends were not chosen to participate in the Natural Harvest roundup program for 2023.

The Friends continue to refine language for a managing director with focus on a need for a mail and membership system, fund raising, and grant writing. 

Tim Johnson noted that as a result of the elections we have new legislators and it is important to make them aware of the Lake Vermilion Trail.   

Next meeting is set for January 11, 2023 at 5:00 pm via Zoom.

There being no further discussion the meeting was adjourned at 5:51 pm.

Steve Lotz, Friends of the Lake Vermilion Trail Secretary

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